Our Story

In 2012 Kingdom Culture (C/Life Orlando) was birthed out of Calvary Christian Center in Ormond Beach, Florida and launched out to Orlando where we began in a living room with a handful of passionate people. At Kingdom Culture Church, we are a presence driven model where we lose to gain and die to live. We exist to help people passionately pursue a life of heaven on earth. From the very beginning our prayer has always been that this house would be a presence driven, multicultural, multigenerational church that aims to advance the Gospel of the Kingdom right here on the earth.


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Troy McCoy

Executive Pastor

Jon Rearden

Serve Team Pastor

Jameil Walls

Worship Pastor

Frances Dickey

Outreach Director

Luis and Elisheba Santana

Kids Pastors

Jose Rivera

Youth Pastor

Josiah Saucedo

Content Director

Missy Dunn

Groups Director

Nodica Browne

Prayer Director

Josh Bentley

Online Pastor

Jio Wu

Kingdom Connect Director

George Berry

Men's Director

Erica Berry

Women's Director